From the Advertiser archives - February 21, 2019 edition


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February 21, 1919

Sir - Is it not time we, who are interested in Rugby Football, began to turn our thoughts to the resuscitation of the Rugby Football Club, which has been, perforce, in a state of suspended animation for the last five years? We cannot hope, of course, to have the team of our last season - 1913. Some members of that XV have made the supreme sacrifice and other passed many milestones on life’s journey, but there must be ample material in the town to form a team capable of upholding the traditions of Rugby Football in its home.

February 21, 1969

More than 11 hours of continuous snow being swept into deep drifts by strong wings brought the worst road conditions of the winter to Rugby yesterday. So far February has been the second coldest for 22 years, only that of 1963 being more severe. Not once this month has the thermometer risen above 45 F. At 10am the town centre was almost deserted. What few cars were on the road struggled against blinding snow. Many people left their cars at home and Midland Red buses were crowded and only marginally delayed.

February 17, 1994

An ambitious facelift of Rugby’s ageing indoor shopping centre is hailed as a boost for town trade. Intricate details are being kept under wraps by the owners, but applications are with the borough council for a ‘broader refurbishment’ of the 14-year-old centre. A spokesman said: “It has been decided that the centre be given its own specific identity. It will therefore be renamed as The Clock Towers as one of its entrances is located close to the town’s clock tower.”