From the Advertiser archives - February 22, 2018 edition

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February 23, 1918

Letter to the editor: I am rather surprised at the letter in your last issue signed ‘One of Them’. I have been a resident in the parish of New Bilton for 21 years and reside close to the church and schools and this is the first complaint I have heard regarding the conduct of our boys. I suppose ‘One of Them’ was always one of the good boys who never did anything naughty. If he has not a heart of stone he should feel proud of boys who have the strength and spirit to play ‘touch’ even on a Sunday. JJ Smith, Victoria Street, New Bilton

February 23, 1968

Cab drivers who refuse to use a taxi rank in Albert Street, even when the one at North Street is crowded, were accused of being cut-throat, stubborn and selfish by a taxi proprietor this week. “They are frightened they are going to miss something. They are silly to themselves,” he said. “There are sometimes 15 taxis parked in North Street when there are only six spaces and some of them wait an hour there to move up on the rank rather than use Albert Street.”

February 18, 1993

Rugby is being plundered by waves of criminals, pushing the crime rate for home burglaries up by 119 per cent since 1989.

Supt George Mumford, the town’s police commander, was speaking after reading house breaking offences issued by the Labour Party. They reveal that private house burglaries across Warwickshire reached 4,023 for the year ending June 1992, an increase of 86 per cent. Other burglaries in the county topped 7,933 in the same period, a rise of 307 per cent.