From the Advertiser archives - February 25 edition

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February 26, 1916

In consequence to the restriction on the importation of paper and materials, it will be necessary for publishers to exercise the strictest economy and reduce all wastage. Our readers who are in the habit of obtaining the Rugby Advertiser here and there in a casual way will greatly assist us by placing an order with a particular agent, so that the number required each week may be ascertained. With the reduced space available for news, we regret we shall not be able to insert gratuitously any Volunteer Orders, appeals etc

February 25, 1966

Trustees of Market Place Methodist Church have been placed in a ‘cleft stick’ by the town council’s refusal to publish details of the town centre re-development, claimed Minister, the Rev Will Harrison. “It was reported at our annual meeting that the church may not be involved in the scheme but we cannot get any definite information,” he said. “The church needs a lot of money spending on it, but should we spend this when the possibility is looming that it might be destroyed within a few years?”

February 21, 1991

Hundreds of books poured in this week in response to the Advertiser’s paperback appeal for service personnel in the Gulf. Everything from back copies of Readers Digest, good food guides and fiction have been donated as readers responded magnificently. The appeal was launched by borough councillor and former mayor of Rugby Evelyn Humphreys. East Warwickshire College principal Doug Cotton has lent the appeal a room for storage.