From the Advertiser archives - February 4 edition

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February 5, 1916

One result of the Zeppelin raid over the Midlands on Monday night has been to convince those who considered the restrictions with regard to lighting, unnecessary and vexatious, that the authorities were right after all. The fact has been established all too clearly that these airships can reach the Midlands and in all probability towns owe their immunity from damage to the happy circumstance that the regulations have been complied with and being in total darkness could not be located by the navigators.

February 4, 1966

Police were alerted when the northbound Royal Mail train, which was concerned in the £2million Great Train Robbery in 1963, was delayed for over an hour in Kilsby Tunnel. The train was not scheduled to stop before reaching Rugby. The delay was caused by an electric track circuit failure. Rugby police were notified and five policemen, as a security measure, went to Rugby Midland Station. The train was on its way from Euston to Aberdeen. A British Railways spokesman said precautions were taken because of the delay.

January 31, 1991

A storm of protest has followed a proposal to close all nurseries in Rugby schools. Bitter parents, governors and teachers have launched a full-scale attack on county councillors due to discuss the possible closures at a meeting today. They say the £600,000 worth of cuts are a fundamental assault on a basic educational service. All seven Rugby schools affected by the drastic cut proposal have lobbied councillors, MPs and the public to stop the budget option becoming a reality.