From the Advertiser archives - January 24 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

January 25, 1913

Stephen Henry Adams, accused of jumping into train while it was in motion, walking along the footboard, visiting other compartments and causing a great deal of anxiety and fright by showing himself to the ladies in one compartment. He disappeared and they thought had fallen off.

Defendant said: “It was a bit of boyish devilment. I got on the footboard to get to a friend in the next compartment to get some cigarettes from him.

“There was no danger,” he remarked. “For I have done thousands of more risky things than that. I was perfectly compos mentis; I was only frisky.”

Defendant denied that he looked through the window of the carriage where the ladies were, but said they might have seen him pass by.”

The chairman of the bench considered it a bad case. Defendant would have to pay the full penalty 40s and costs. The total sum being £4 17s 6d.

Witnesses included Charles Edwards, a blacksmith of 28 Wood Street, Rugby; Joseph H Cox, dairyman, Old Bilton and Miss KE Cox, Manor House, Newbold on Avon.

50 years ago

January 25, 1963

Last night was the coldest night of the present cold spell, now in its fifth week. Water supplies are becoming a serious problem for householders.

Water carts have been out in various parts of Rugby, supplying water to ice-bound householders and stand pipes have been erected.

Roads in the borough were quickly cleared after the weekend’s snow fall but rural roads presented greater difficulties. Reports have been coming in of villages and farmers cut off.

The Electricity Board claim that they are almost holding their own with the high demand for electricity, but with small breakdowns in New Bilton, Rokeby, Fleet Crescent and Brownsover Station estate.

The Gas Board have reports of gas leaks about twice a day. This is due to fractures in the mains but at the moment nothing serious has developed.

A Euston to Carlisle express was held up at Rugby on Saturday after the driver had been struck on the head by an icicle in Kilsby Tunnel. The fireman stopped the train and telephoned Rugby control from a signal box.

25 years ago

January 21, 1988

A controversial scheme to introduce a new style of refuse collection in the Rugby area will begin in March.

Wheeled bins are to replace household dustbins in Hillmorton, Brownsover and Clifton-on-Dunsmore for a trial period.

The system aims to improve cleanliness and quality of service.

The move comes two and a half years after a row between the borough council and dustmen over the wheeled bins.

A proposal to introduce them in more than 22,000 homes meant that 13 binmen were threatened with losing jobs in September 1985.

A list of streets that will be provided with the large plastic bins, which have a life expectancy of 15 year, has yet to be finalised.

# Hospital chiefs in Rugby have declared an amnesty for the return of sticks and crutches to the Hospital of St Cross.

The hospital hands out about 500 each year to help patients get around at home after treatment, but ‘large numbers’ are never returned, which is a significant problem.