From the Advertiser archives - January 28 edition

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January 29, 1916

The motor could, if properly developed, do any work on the far, except make a hen lay eggs, was the opinion of Mr WJ Malden in an address to the members of the Farmers’ Club at the Whitehall Rooms on Tuesday. It was capable of tearing up deep soil and he looked forward to the time when a large proportion of crops would be cut and threshed in one operation. The horse Mr Malden thought would not disappear from the farm, but it was inevitable the motor would do more.

January 28, 1966

The undiagnosed sickness which has swept through schools in the Midlands and affected thousands of school children struck in Rugby this week. Bloxam County Junior was closed on Wednesday night with many of the school’s 335 pupils absent and a badly depleted staff. Altogether about 500 children in the town are affected. Of the 473 at Eastlands County Junior and Infants 120 were off ill yesterday and 128 of the 373 at Northlands. At Long Lawford 118 of the 300 children were absent. The illness resembles influenza.

January 24, 1991

The Rugby Football Club has launched a £100,000 appeal to help finance its proposed £1/2million clubhouse at Webb Ellis Road. The appeal is being directed at the club’s members, supporters and sponsors through a debenture scheme. It will be seeking support in multiples of £50. Pre-launch pledges already total £17,000. “Such is the strength of interest and enthusiasm abounding at Webb Ellis Road,” said club chairman David Rees.