From the Advertiser archives - January 7 edition

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January 8, 1916

Attention is called by the War Office to the fact that a large number of carrier or homing pigeons are being utlilsed for naval and miliary purposes and that recently many of these birds have been shot at and killed or wounded when homing to their lofts. Persons unable to distinguish these from wood pigeons, doves and the like should refrain from firing at any birds. Any person who finds any carrier pigeon dead or incapable of flying should take it immediately to the nearest military authorities or police.

January 7, 1966

The Rugby control room of the London to Manchester and Liverpool railway line is one of four which are being replaced by a central control room at Euston House. Of the 25 employees at Rugby, 20 have been accommodated in similar jobs and the other five are helping in the change-over. It is the last stage in bringing the control system into line with continuous modern colour-light signalling. The power signal box at Rugby covers the largest area of any in the country - 59 route miles and 159 single line miles.

January 3, 1991

Thunderstorms, lightning, hail and storm force winds left hundreds of homes around Rugby without power on Christmas morning. The black-outs were staggered with supplies at Willoughby failing first for up to five hours from before daylight. Braunston, Barby and parts of Rugby were plunged into darkness shortly after ten o’clock. Most villages were without power for up to three and a half hours, delaying Christmas dinner until after 4.30pm.