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July 29, 1916

Letter to the editor: Sir, I was talking to a wounded boy of the Hampshire Regiment on the platform of Rugby Station the other day. I asked him what his wounds were? He replied: “My right arm is shattered, three fingers off left hand,” and he also had a large gash across one cheek. He had been at Loos, Hulluck and Ypres, and as he termed it, had had the biggest part of a shell. He added: “I am no more use sir, but I am glad I went.” A little thing like this, I think, helps to show the spirit of our men and the stuff they are made of - I am. Corbet Smith

July 29, 1966

After 20 years of pressing for a modern operating theatre, doctors at the Hospital of St Cross are ‘absolutely delighted’ with the new twin theatre unit which was completed last week, at a cost of £130,000. The first operation in the new theatre, which has taken two years to build, will take place on Thursday. At present staff are busy cleaning and testing the equipment in the suite, which is sealed. Hospital secretary Mr AE Aldous said the old theatre would be converted into a resuscitation unit for the severely injured and seriously ill.

July 25, 1991

The battle to save Smiths Sports ground in Stanley Road from becoming a small housing estate is hotting up. The property division of the London-based company, who have two factories in Rugby, are seeking planning consent to build 20 new homes on the site. Details emerged at a public protest meeting on Monday night when it was revealed that 230 people have already signed a petition opposing the project.