From the Advertiser archives - July 4 edition

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July 5, 1913

The operative bakers and confectioners of the town have joined the ranks of those who are making demands for the betterment of their working conditions and an advance in wages , and with the end of formulating such demand, a well-attended meeting of their recently formed trade union was held at the Engine Inn. They believe that at least a 28s minimum for a 54 hours’ week was nothing unreasonable. In some of the shops in Rugby the hours were rather long, 60 to 70 per week or even more.

July 5, 1963

A 1,600 year-old Roman milestone, attributed to the time of Emperor Constantine, which was discovered last week at Tripontium, the Roman settlement alongside the Watling Street at Cave’s Inn Farm, Shawell, is the most precious archaeological find ever to come from this fertile source of Roman history. Found by members of Rugby Archaeological Society 36 feet down the Roman well, the milestone is four feet high and weighing some 2cwt. In a near-perfect state it bore a Latin inscription.

June 30, 1988

A Rugby colour sergeant major, Augustus Jennings, was among the 40 Warwickshire regiment soldiers massacred in cold blood by SS officers during the Second World War. And as the facts about the savage murders have finally emerged during the last few weeks, his family have discovered for the first time that the Rugby man died a hero. The Whitehall file, which first came to light earlier this year, suggests he bravely tried to shield his colleagues as they were showered at point-blank range with hand grenades.