From the Advertiser archives - July 5, 2018 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

July 6, 1918

Two of the turns at the Empire this week are quite good. Miss Jenny Royce, late of the Moody Manners Opera Company possesses a sweet sporano voice. Gaumund Brothers, two Danes, provide a clever and eccentric comedy acrobatic turn which is appreciated. The other acts are Da Costa, an Anglo-Italian tenor, who sings with clear annunciation; and the Sisters Hazel, described as England’s premier shoe and buck dancers.

July 5, 1968

Rugby’s newest school the Henry Hinde Primary was ransacked during the weekend and the intruders also stole a small amount of National savings certificates. The headmaster, Mr William Heatherington said: “One of the classrooms was particularly filthy and four letter words had been written across blackboards.” The contents had been tipped out of desks and some small eggs had been smashed on the floor. “Curiously enough odd coppers or sixpenses left by children were not taken” he added.

July 1, 1993

Parks in Rugby are just as likely to be covered in dog muck a year after bylaws were brought in to stamp out the problem, But bins will soon be going out for dog walkers to tidy up after their pooches and a crackdown on enforcing the rules is imminent. Allowing dogs to foul certain parks and other areas owned by the borough has been banned for 12 months with the risk of a £50 fine, yet areas covered by the ban still bear the evidence of our four-legged friends.