From the Advertiser archives - July 6, 2017 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

July 7, 1917

In regard to the Warwickshire Parliamentary boundaries, the Commissioners’ scheme, gives the same number of divisions (four) as have existed since the settlement of 1885; but Stratford-on-Avon loses its name and the present division is split up between Rugby and a new constituency to be called ‘Warwick and Leamington Division’. One half or more of the entire area of the administrative county of Warwickshire will be divided between the Rugby and Warwick and Leamington Divisions.

July 7, 1967

The first rented colour television set to be installed in a home in Britain was put in at Claybrooke by the Rugby branch of Radio Rentals - two months before official transmission began on Saturday, says Mr M Dolan, manager of the Church Street branch. He was surprised by the quality of the pictures. “They are easier to watch than black and white,” he said. The BBC decision to bring forward the date of colour transmissions from December to July seems to have caught manufacturers on the hop.

July 2, 1992

An emergency week of meetings begins today in the effort to decide where the axe will fall on council services.

The government has compromised on Warwickshire County Council plans, saying a £300m proposed budget was too high, but has allowed them to go above its £293m capping limit. The powerful policy and resources committee met on Tuesday and has reallocated budgets for each of its services.