From the Advertiser archives - June 15, 2017 edition

In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

June 16, 1917

Thomas Spencer, confectioner, Church Street, Rugby, was summoned for having in his possession for sale on April 25, cheese cakes and Banbury cakes, contrary to the Cake and Pastry Order 1917. When the order first came out the various restrictions were not very carefully defined, and he believed at the time that short paste lemon cheese cakes were allowed. The case was dismissed under the Probation of Offenders’ Act.

June 16, 1967

Is Rugby, getting a fair share of the resources made available by Birmingham Regional Hospital Board? In an attempt to answer this vital question, Mr William Price, Rugby MP, intends to carry out a survey. Mr Price will also enquire when it is proposed to carry out the next phase of development at the Hospital of St Cross. He said: “During the past week I have discovered that we have only 84 geriatric beds to cater for a total population of about 70,000 people, and I want to know how this compares with the rest of the region.”

June 11, 1992

Opening the last section of the M1-A1 link road will bring up to a thousand extra cars and vans a day through a small village, residents fear.

The link between the M1 and the M6 us likely to be completed in time for the scheduled opening next June. Residents of nearby Catthorpe are worried that the east coast intersection, only a mile from their village, will bring added road safety dangers for the small hamlet.