From the Advertiser archives - June 16 edition

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June 17, 1916

The suspension by Royal Proclamation of Whit-Monday as a Bank Holiday to avoid any interruption in the supply of munitions of war was patriotically observed by the public. The sacrifices of outdoor pleasures could not be regarded as serious as the weather was cold and wet. In conformity with the wishes of the Government, there were no holiday facilities on the railways. Temperatures were about 18 or 20 degrees below the proper level for the date.

June 17, 1966

The problem of accommodation, or rather the lack of it, at Rugby hospital is not improving, and the waiting list for a bed has escalated to the 1,000 mark...said by a hospital administrator to be the ‘highest number on record’.

Mr AE Aldous, hospital secretary, told the Advertiser that of the 1,000 people on the list, 200 had been waiting for over a year for a bed; precedence depended to some extent on the degree of medical urgency. General practitioners and consultants are concerned about the bed shortage.

June 13, 1991

Going, going gone! A piece of history became rubble on Saturday when GEC Alsthom’s chimney was demolished. Crowds of more than a thousand arrived at the Large Machines site for the spectacular memorial of the 60-metre high stone giant, which has monopolised the skyline from Boughton Road for more than 80 years. Brownsover residents lined the canal bridge for a bird’s eye view of the scene after the blast which could be heard at 2.04pm.