From the Advertiser archives - June 18 edition

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June 19, 1915

Widespread sympathy will be felt with Mrs Parker Brooke, of 24 Bilton Road, in the further bereavement she has sustained this week by the death in action of 2nd Lieut Alfred Brooke, her only surviving son. Following so quickly on the deplorable death of Mr Rupert Brooke, her poet son, the news was particularly distressing. Within the last six or seven years Mrs Brooke has lost by death her husband and three sons, and all who know her will feel very deeply with her.

June 18, 1965

Rugby’s motor traders and garages are likely to introduce an unofficial ‘black book’ system in an effort to curb rising debts owed to them, now estimated to be more than £50,000. This was revealed to the Advertiser this week by Mr R Bosworth, chairman of the Motor Traders Section of Rugby Chamber of Commerce. Mr Bosworth said that the problem was causing extreme concern among the 30 garage proprietors in the town.

June 14, 1990

A medal which lay in a toilet cistern for months has been returned to its 90-year-old owner. Pub landlord John McKinney found the medal, still in its box, in the water at the William Webb Ellis in Rugby. And proud owner Charles Warren, remembered the time in the 1930s when he was presented with the award for a shop window display at a Rugby grocers. But he lost it about four months ago. He is happy but still baffled as to how it ended up in the gents toilet.