From the Advertiser archives - June 21 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

June 22, 1912

A monthly meeting of the Public Library Committee was held at the Wood Institute on Monday.

The Librarian (Mr Kenning) reported that during May 26 new borrowers’ tickets, 13 students and 24 school children’s tickets were issued. 4,702 books were issued, averaging 180 a day against 174 last year, 201 in 1910 and 193 in 1909.

In the Reference Librar 93 had recorded their use of 162 books and five were lent out.

The receipts for fines were £2 4s 1d.

On Whit Monday the half-hourly countings of persons in the Reading Room have an attendance throughout the day of 232 males and 17 females.

A letter from MET Wratislaw, Westfield Lodge, Overslade offered for the museum King Prempa’s carrying chair, which he believed to be genuine and some fishing and sporting items from Rhodesia - referred to the Museum Sub-Committee.

The acceptance of several books as gifts was also recommended with thanks to the donors. (The books and their donors were all listed).

50 years ago

June 22,1962

New schools ‘Hideous’ says County Alderman: Large areas of glass criticised: Ald Arthur Tickle, at Monday’s meeting of the County education committee, criticised the ‘hideous design’ of schools being built in the county.

He made it clear it was not an attack on the county architect (Mr Eric Davies) but in his opinion there was far too much glass in schools. He wondered how much it cost to keep the glass clean.

The county eduction officer (Mr N.A.Y York-Lodge) said that building regulations for new schools were issued soon after the war. Among other things, the Minister prescribed there should be so many areas of light in every part of the room.

“All Mr Davies and his colleagues in other areas are trying to do, is to make surethe new buildings conform with the Minister’s regulations.”

Mr Yorke-Lodge said the window cleaning bill ran into thousands of pounds a year, but it was not quite as large as one would expect. Mr GA Darlow said the expense might be heavy, but in the opinion of many teachers was not enough.

25 years ago

June 18, 1987

Jim Pawsey sailed home to an easy victory in Thursday’s poll, with a substantially increased majority.

But Conservatives were not the only ones celebrating at the end of the night.

Labour supporters were delighting in a second place that put them ahead of the Alliance in Rugby and reversed the 1983 result.

Rugby and Kenilworth claims one of the highest turnouts of election day at 79.6% with a total of 61,049 votes cast.

And Mr Pawsey, who has represented Rugby for the past eight years, was returned for a third term with a majority of 16,264 - an increase of more than 2,000.

He said: “We presented the issues squarely to the electorate and did not get involved in mud slinging.

“We had a first rate team, with a tremendous effort from party helpers deeply committed to the Conservative cause.

He polled 31,485 votes, ahead of Labour’s John Airey with 15,221 and the Alliance candidate David Owen-Jones with 14,343.