From the Advertiser archives - June 28, 2018 edition

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June 29, 1918

This War Weapons Campaign is first and foremost a call for self-denial and abstinence from luxury. It is not enough merely to invest a few shillings or pounds that we do not want to spend. It is the money that we do want that will shorten and help to win the war. It is hoped that the people of Rugby will purchase sufficient War Bonds and War Savings Certificates during War Weapons Week to make any aviator feel proud to fly in a machine bearing the town’s name.

June 28, 1968

A new system of primary education for Rugby schoolchildren, under which pupils attend ‘first schools’ between the age of five and eight and ‘middle schools’ from eight to twelve has now been approved by Warwickshire County Council. Re-organisation will involve not only the provision of new places for an extra age group in many first schools, but also the adaptation and extension of several buildings intended for middle schools and new building. No dates for either starting or completion have yet been set.

June 24, 1993

Smaller schools in the Rugby area could face merger or closure in a reorganisation. Education members at Shire Hall at Warwick decided on Tuesday to press ahead with a consultation that would see a guideline of school sizes between 90 and 420. It includes removing at least 30 per cent of surplus places and having a more coherent system with children changing schools at seven and 11 and preferably creating all-through primary schools for four to 11 year olds.