From the Advertiser archives - June 29, 2017 edition

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June 30, 1917

Letter to the editor: I am a little surprised that no one has sent a record from Kilsby or the neighbourhood of the phenomenal heat of Sunday, June 17 as it certainly surpassed that of Rugby according to your record of 87 degrees. Here on a thermometer, well shaded from all direct radiation, we had at 2pm a record of 93.2, which I do not think has been equalled for many years. After the torrential rain in the evening it had sunk to 63. L Cumming, The Lawn, Kilsby.

June 30, 1967

A mass meeting of parents attending Wolston High School decided on Monday to pursue efforts to keep the school open. The 10-year-old school, which cost £200,000, is left out of the county’s comprehensive school system. Parents decided that the subject, if necessary, should be taken to the Minister of Education. The school governors decided to ask for a meeting with the Rugby Divisional Executive. It is understood now that the county education committee have indicated that they are prepared to look at the position again.

June 25, 1992

Rugby will get no more road humps until the county council has been told how unpopular the current ones are. The now infamous humps, which slow drivers down along Lower Hillmorton Road and Ashlawn Road have drawn protests from motorists. Rugby councillors are to tell the county of their concern about the traffic calming measures. Cllr John Barford, chairman of the environmental committee said: “There is considerable public disquiet, especially from bus companies and emergency services.”