From the Advertiser archives - June 5 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

June 6, 1914

During the past few weeks a number of workmen have been engaged in the task of renovating the cottages claimed by some people to be the birthplace of Lawrence Sheriff at Brownsover. The opinion is generally held among experts that the framework was originally filled in with plaster and that the brickwork was substituted wither in 1699 - which is the only date that has been found in the house and cut between the initials ‘W.R’ - or 1750. The house is believed to be earlier than 1699 and proof is afforded by the existence of two Elizabethan old stone mantlepieces.

June 5, 1964

The potential danger to children which exists in and around the disused St Matthew’s School in Bridget Street will not be ignored by the new owners of the premises. This assurance was given this week by the purchasers Ellis and Everard when a reporter expressed the fears of local parents. They claim that access to the building and playground is too easy, so enticing youngsters and aggravating vandalism by older children. Our reporter saw two open manholes. Toilets were stinking and a home for flies.

June 1, 1989

Post a first class letter for 19 pence in Rugby and the chances of it reaching its destination by the next day are among the worst in the country. Of 100 letters posted to a distant district from a Rugby box, some 43 will, according to the latest Post Office calculations, still be in the pipeline the following day. News that the Coventry postal district, of which Rugby is a part, has one of the five slowest delivery speeds of all 623 postal district in England, Scotland and Wales has been met with outrage.