From the Advertiser archives - June 6, 2019 edition


In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

June 6, 1919

The Public Library Committee meton Monday and the monthly statistical report showed that 6,494 books had been lent out during the month, against 6,936 in May last year. The exceptionally fine weather, doubtless caused many to spend more time out of doors. The museum had received the following gifts: From Mrs Speight, Dunchurch Road, a framed portrait of her late husband Mr EH Speight and from Mr FE Hands, a sun fish from the Suez Canal.

June 6, 1969

Members of the Rugby & District Council of Youth are giving up spare time to tidy Rugby’s Holy Trinity churchyard. Under the guidance of Mr Arthur Horley, secretary of Rugby Civic Society, they work most Saturday mornings and now examinations are over, will be working evenings. They hope to make it a pleasant place to sit in the summer and seats will be put around the churchyard when the task is completed in September. It will be financed by a raffle of 7,500 tickets being sold by the Society.

June 2, 1994

The jigsaw map that shows which schools will survive a reorganisation was thrown into the air once more this week with a revised hit-list. The main changes affect schools in Hillmorton, New Bilton, Ryton, plus the Revel and Feldon villages. The future of three school sites that were never threatened are now on the line, but other schools have been reprieved. Politicians have backed the principle of removing some of the 19 per cent of surplus places, for 2,757 pupils.