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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

June 8,1912

A labour exchange was opened on Friday afternoon by the Rev AA David, headmaster of Rugby School.

The premises in Castle Street, which were for some time occupied by Mssrs Comley furniture dealers, but which have for some years been vacant, have been acquired by the Labour Department of the Board of Trade.

On the ground floor the principal room is that for the male clerks, with sliding windows from the men’s waiting rooms, who which there are two - one for skilled and the other unskilled trades. There is another for boys.

On the next floor there is a room for a female clerk, separated in a similar manner from two waiting rooms, one for girls and one for women.

A small company assembled by invitation inspected the premises. Present were the Revs SJ Baker, JH Lees, J Baker Norton, H Ryan, and Mssrs W Dewar, H Linnell, J McKinnell, S Robbins, WE Robotham, J Rickard, J Hollowell, T Walton, W Musgrave, J Almond, S Velden, J Marvinm JH Hodgetts and T Hough.

50 years ago

June 8,1962

Miss Randall to retire. Taught maths in Rugby for 38 years. Cannot imagine High School without her - Miss Linsley.

Report by Jean Wilson: Miss Grace Randall, who can claim, I should think, to have taught more mathematics to more Rugby girls than anyone else, ever, is to retire from her position as senior maths mistress and deputy head of Rugby High School for Girls at the end of this term.

Since coming to Rugby from Bournemouth in 1924, Miss Randall has taught at the one school only - but in three different buildings.

She joined the High School staff when it was Arnold High School and occupied two houses in Elsee Road. She moved to Clifton Road three years later and two years ago moved with the school to its present position in Longrood Road.

In November she is starting a six-month trip to New Zealand, via the Mediterranean, Suez, East Africa, Rhodesia, Cape Town and Australia.

“Luxury liners don’t interest me,” she says, so she is going all the way by cargo boat. En route she is hoping to meet many of her former pupils.

25 years ago

June 4 ,1987

Land negotiations vital to the Phase III development at Rugby’s Hospital of St Cross have been completed.

District health chiefs have bought 6.5 acres of land from Rugby School at a cost of £65,000 - the last cog needed to set hospital expansion wheels in motion.

Discussions between health chiefs and Rugby School began in 1982 but the deal was only completed last month.

District General manager Peter Coulson said: “A new road and car parking area will be sited on the land we have just purchased to enable building work to start in the autumn next year.”

Phase III includes a 56-bed surgical unit and beds for geriatrics, severely mentally illl and a geriatric day unit.

Moving the geriatric unit to St Cross will leave St Luke’s Hospital in Lower Hillmorton Road empty.

Rugby Lions have made yet another major coup in the player market. ‘Electric’ Eddie Saunders, 26, the dazzling winger from Coventry has decided to join them.