From the Advertiser archives - March 15 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago - March 16 1912

Printed were full ground plans for the New Drill Hall for E Company, Rugby to be erected on a site adjoining Caldecott Park. The hall is to be built of red brick with purple dressings and the roofs covered with tiles. The architect is Mr TW Willard, Rugby. North Elevation to Manor Road and East Elevation to Park Road.

On the plans [as you look from Lancaster Road today] there was a 25 yards miniature rifle range on the right, with - from the back of the building to front - Armoury and Quarter Masters Store; Sergeants Room and Recreation Room with bay window at the front.

Between the two entrances were the lavy and officers room, with the orderly room on the left with a bay window.

The drill hall in the centre of the building measured 30ftx60ft, with an archway entrance onto Park Road.

Joined by the perimeter wall is a two-storey building at the back, with parlour, kitchen and scullery.

50 years ago - March 13 1962

A delayed return: A train bringing about 1,000 local schoolgirls back from the hockey international between England and the USA at Wembley on saturday evening was delayed for two and a half hours at Barby because of an engine failure.

Anxious parents and friends waited at Rugby Central Station and when there was no sign of the train, it was announced that the first of three trains had broken down because of a burst pipe in the engine boiler.

The delay was made even longer because the fireman had to walk three miles to report the breakdown and a relief engine had to be despatched from Rugby.

While parents waited, cars were parked in Hillmorton Road, stretching as far as Boundary Road and Cromwell Road and police had to direct traffic.

The photograph with the story shows a group of girls from Rugby High School, who saw the match, all wearing school hats and scarves.

They are: Louisa Barraclough, Janice Godwin, Maureen Neville, Joy Manly, Susan Gibson, Margaret Burke, Valerie Elsworth and Caroline Neville.

25 years ago - March 21 1987

A survivor of the Channel car ferry disaster snatched five children from the doomed vessel before being plucked to safety herself.

But hope was fading fast for the 33-year-old’s boyfriend, who was sucked away by the freezing water in the sunken Herald of Free Enterprise.

The Binley Woods mother was being comforted by her family as she continued her anguished wait for news of the missing 36-year-old.

The couple had only just caught the ferry leaving Zeebrugge - they were expecting to board a later Townsend Thoresen boat.

“I saw water covering the portholes and I thought ‘Christ we’re going down’, said the international auditor returning from Germany where her boyfriend was helping to decorate her flat.

Constant telephone calls to Zeebrugge for news have ended in failure, prolonging the uncertainty and the distress felt by all his family. But they are being forced to accept the popular, kind-hearted builder has joined the disaster death toll.