From the Advertiser archives: May 10 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

May 11 1912

Labour May-Day Demonstration:

On Sunday afternoon the meeting organised by the Rugby Trades and Labour Council in the way of a ‘May-Day Demonstration’ was held in the Market Place.

A moderate crowd assembled to listen to speeches.

Mr Cockshoot acted in the capacity of chairman. Alluding to the recent strike of firemen on the Olympic, he said they struck work because they did not want to work with non- unionists.

They had been prosecuted, while the doctors, who were members of the Medical Association, who had issued a memorandum to their members not to work under the Insurance Act with non-members, had been supported in their action. They had not been prosecuted.

Mr Stevenson (ASRS) moved that the demonstration expresses its sympathy with the workers of the world in their endeavour to obtain shorter hours of labour, better wages and more respectful treatment - and with that end in view we invite all workers to join their unions.

50 years ago

May 11 1962

Rugby Portland Cement: Record Profits: Further Expansion Planned: Sir Halford Reddish looks to the future:

The Annual General meeting of The Rugby Portland Cement Co Ltd will be held on June 1st 1962.

Extracts from the speech of the chairman Sir Halford Reddish: “It was indeed a strenuous year for the whole Group, with the highest production, the highest tonnage of deliveries and the highest ever net profit we have ever achieved: and it was our sixteenth successive profit record.

It is perhaps worth noting that throughout these last sixteen years the figures owe nothing to the acquisition of any other business.

The results produced in 1961 by our manufacturing subsudiaries overseas have followed my expectation a year ago: happily a steadily increasing demand and better profits from Western Australia; unhappily lower figures from Trinidad, where an outbreak of violence and lawlessness affected our own and other industries in the early months of the year.”

His report was printed in full.

25 years ago

May 7 1987

The first stage of Rugby’s on-off rec road scheme is under way as workmen begin the complex process of moving the town’s memorial gates further along Hillmorton Road.

Within hours of contractors moving onto the site at Rugby Recreation Ground, a group of outraged protesters moved in to sabotage their efforts.

The group worked overnight to fill in the holes around the stone pillars of the gates and set the workmen back to square one.

“We feel sick that they have started the work just before the public demonstration and just a few days before the election,” said one member of the group.

Hundreds of marchers took to the streets on Saturday to protest at the ‘desecration’ of Rugby’s Whitehall Rec.

More than 500 massed at the park, most of them carrying a flower as a symbol of their abhorrence.

As pensioners and children weaved flowers through the historic gates they heard speakers voice their anger against an access road through the park to the Ken Marriott centre.