From the Advertiser archives - May 23, 2019 edition


In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

May 23, 1919

A pleasing little ceremony marked the monthly meeting of the Rugby Urban District Council on Tuesday when Mr JJ McKinnell, who was the popular chairman of the Council throughout the whole of the war, was presented with a silver salver as a small recognition of his yeoman services in the chair during five unprecedented years of strain and anxiety. The present chairman said in the whole history of the council no one had been called upon to do such arduous work.

May 23, 1969

Rugby’s GPs are to be asked to investigate the effects of dust fall-out from Rugby Portland Cement Company’s chimney in Lawford Road and whether the dust is causing ill-health in the town. Theywill be approached by the Borough Council’s public health committee who have been urged to discover if there is any evidence to show that fall-out is responsible for a high incidence of bronchitis in Rugby. A recent inquiry showed that 6.7 deaths in every 1,000 were as a result of bronchitis - 1.6 higher than the national average.

May 19, 1994

Rupert Brooke, Rugby’s war poet, was no coward when it came to battle. And Dr Peter Miller, the town’s own authority on our most famous son, has produced a book to prove it. Dr Miller, of Clifton Road, has long been an admirer of the gifted Brooke, but feels that some people might dismiss him as less brave compared to other war poets who died in battle rather than of an illness. His latest book ‘The Cross of Skyros - A Rupert Brooke Memorial in Rugby’ puts matters right.