From the Advertiser archives - May 24, 2018 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

May 25, 1918

The baths committee reported that during April the baths were used by 803 persons, as compared with 707. On Friday and Saturday last over one thousand bathers had used the baths. The old diving board, which was now rotten, had been taken down, and as an emergency measure they had decided to put in a spring board.

May 24, 1968

Building of the £560,000 Rugby Sports Centre will probably not begin within two years even if full approval is given and the project grant-aided, it was revealed this week. The centre was first mooted in 1963 but the Government clamp-down on local government expenditure has put the brakes on the project. Ald Ken Marriott, chairman of the Rugby Borough Council’s parks committee said they were pressing ahead with detailed drawings of the Thornfield centre and tenders for the entire building work would then be invited.

May 20, 1993

Advertiser editor David Faers is appealing to local firms not to let the tradition of Rugby Carnival die. “We are prepared to put in a sizeable sum, but we need help in many other aspects.” Rugby Round Table 113 vice-chairman Richard Tonks said they no longer have the manpower. Rugby Mayor Alan Webb said: “Rugby would be a much sadder place without the carnival. I welcome any move to save it.”

Council leader Gordon Collett said: “The borough council have always helped people to run the carnival. We only have a limited amount of money and it is like trying to get a quart out of a pint pot.”