From the Advertiser archives - May 26 edition

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May 27, 1916

The marked increase in the cost of food since the war began is a matter of common knowledge, but the British advance, great as it has been, compares favourably with the state of affairs in Germany and Austria, with an increase of 55 per cent. Before the war rump steak could be obtained in Rugby at 1s per lb, now the price is 1s 8d. The Royal Commission on sugar cannot guarantee 75 per cent of last year’s supply and many grocers are unable to obtain 50 per cent.

May 27, 1966

Rugby’s maternity services will be moved from St Mary’s Hospital, Harborough Magna to a new building at the Hospital of St Cross, according to a review of the hospital building programme in the Birmingham Hospital region issued this week by the Ministry of Health. The new maternity block and an acute block for services other than chronic sickness and psychiatric services, are expected to be started within the next ten years. A spokesman said it was too early to say to what use St Mary’s would be put.

May 23, 1991

A wonderfully wicked sense of humour keeps two elderly Rugby women young and their remarkable sisterly love has kept them together for more than 80 years. The fun-loving Griffiths sisters, Beatrice, 82, and Violet, 81, have become household names in New Bilton where they have lived in Jubilee Street all their lives. Long-term friend Lily Witt nominated them for the Advertiser’s Bouquet of the week. “The two of them are terrific,” she said.