From the Advertiser archives - May 7 edition

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May 8, 1915

A large number of shop assistants having joined the colours, the work falling upon those left behind has become more arduous, and in many establishments it is difficult for them to obtain proper meal-times. In some towns tradesmen are closing their shops entirely for an hour at mid-day. Several Rugby tradesmen have decided to adopt the system, and Mr GE Over announces in our columns that he will begin on May 17 at his book shops, closing from 1 to 2pm.

May 7, 1965

After Mr AK Milner had spoken of the ‘most sordid business of continual queues of people waiting to be cremated at Canley Crematorium’ Rugby Trades Council on Wednesday decided to ask the local authorities to reconsider the possibilities of building a new crematorium in the Rugby district. He said for Coventry alone, Canley was not sufficient and with Rugby and district using it the whole thing was overloaded and becoming a tragedy. It was time a crematorium was set up to serve the town. It would be highly valuable and would pay for itself.

May 3, 1990

Rugby’s American Football club has folded, less than a year after winning British National Gridiron League division one.

The Rugby Rollers’ decision was taken after training at Newbold RFC on Sunday when only 15 players, three of them new, turned up. Press officer Dave Burnham said: “It has been coming for some time. A gridiron team needs 45 players a match to compete successfully and our lads had so much work to do that some were injured.”