From the Advertiser archives - May 8 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

May 9, 1914

Inspector Chas Lines made two important arrests in the waiting-room at Rugby Station on Saturday. Two men from Birmingham were charged with having 15 counterfeit half crowns in their possession, with intent to issue the same. Inspector Lines said that a coin used by one of the defendants to purchase beer in the Squirrel Inn was felt to be rather light. Arthur Elliott, a watchmaker and jeweller in Little Church Street had examined the coins and said they were not genuine, but a combination of metals.

May 8, 1964

The Mothers’ Union in Rugby and district are likely to step up their ‘Clean up the BBC’ campaign. They have been campaigning quietly about a lack of morality. Now following a Rugby Deanery Festival for the Mothers’ Union at which the preacher boldly attacked the BBC further local action may develop. Mrs AJ Partridge, wife of Rugby’s Rural Dean, said members of Bilton Mothers’ Union were also concerned about the content after 9pm , as this was when teenagers watched and many programmes put on were embarrassing for mixed family viewing.

May 4, 1989

Detailed plans for Rugby’s new long-awaited library, art gallery and museum complex have come under fire for looking too modern. Rugby Civic Society secretary Jim Hill said he has ‘grave doubts’ about the visual design of the £3.4million project as it did not blend in with its surroundings. A planning application for the complex, to be built on the site of the present St Matthew’s Street library, is to be lodged imminently. The scheme is expected to start as soon as possible after April 1991 and be finished in spring 1993.