From the Advertiser archives - November 13 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

November 14, 1914

The annual and ancient ceremony of payment of Wroth silver to the Duke of Buccleuch took place at Knightlow Hill before sunrise on Wednesday morning. In conditions probably unique in the history of the custom, the public notice was given in the name of the late duke but the ceremony took place under the new heir, the day after his father’s funeral. The weather being fine there was a larger assemblage than might have been expected in all the circumstances, about 150 persons being present at the stone. Breakfast was provided as usual at the Dun Cow Inn.

November 13, 1964

Mr and Mrs C Sutton of Great Central View, Newton applied for a council house nearer town so that their children would not have so far to cycle to Eastlands School. Two weeks ago they moved to 4 Yates Avenue, Newbold. Not unusual - except that they first applied in 1939 and the children are now aged 40, 38 and 36! They explained they had filled in forms practically every year since 1939. Housing manager Mr J Hazell said he could not disclose details of applications for council houses or give reasons for the long delay.

November 9, 1989

Poll tax payers in Rugby could face bills of about £365 a head, politicians warned this week. Borough leader Cllr Gordon Collett (Con) and Labour’s county group chief Cllr Phil Blundell both believe government estimates made on Monday are too low. They believe minister Chris Patten’s figure of £300 for Rugby next year is only accurate if Warwickshire County Council makes £25m in cuts. Cllr Collett plans to talk to Rugby MP Jim Pawsey this week to argue the borough’s case in parliament.