From the Advertiser archives - November 2, 2017 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

November 3, 1917

Fewer tramps in Warwickshire: A striking reduction in the number of admissions to casual wards was disclosed in the return submitted to a meeting of the Warwickshire Vagrancy Committee. Compared with the corresponding quarter last year there was a decrease of approximately 3,500 or more than 45 per cent. The closing of wards at Atherstone, Meriden and Southam had, no doubt, been the principal factor for the reduction and it might be assumed the increased numbers at Rugby were to some extent attributable to this.

November 3, 1967

The breathalyser test won’t bother Yelvertoft skittlers when they visit Cold Ashby for a match next Friday. For they will be travelling the 12 miles there and back in - and on- a coach and four. The coach belongs to and will be driven by Miss Catherine Hunt of Clay Coton. The skittlers play for the Knightley Arms team, Yelveftoft. The inn’s landlord Mr Ken Sharpe will act as coachman on the trip. The coach can hold four passengers inside and a total of 12 on top.

October 29, 1992

Watch out while jumping red lights - because the lights will be watching you! County councillors are being asked by Warwickshire police to help pay towards the red light camera scheme to keep an eye on dodgy driving. The cameras will be used to watch motorists who jump red lights. They can be moved to different sites, each site costing £1,000 to set up. Details of locations and how the cameras will work are being kept secret and warning signs will cover the general area.