From the Advertiser archives - November 8, 2018 edition


In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

November 9, 1918
Feverish excitement was caused in the town on Thursday afternoon by the circulation of a rumour that an armistice had been signed at 2.30pm. In several instances workpeople gave themselves up to jubilation and work came to a standstill, until it was found later in the day that the statement had not come through an official source and was premature.

November 8, 1968
The many people who are bemoaning the fact that trees in St Andrew’s Churchyard, Rugby are to be felled will be filled with joy at the news that this Christmas one will be planted there! It will be the town’s official Christmas tree which, after a number of years in front of the Town Hall in Evreux Way, is reverting to its former position in front of the Parish Church. The man behind the move is the Mayor, Ald AT Green, who has decreed that it shall be placed in this more central position.

November 4, 1993
The £10 million road to relieve traffic through Rugby should be completed by the end of the century. But Rugby councillors want to make sure the Western Relief Road is built in one go, linking the Avon Mill to the M45 at Thurlaston, crossing Parkfield Road, Lawford Road and Bilton Road. County plans for the road improving show that traffic growth in Rugby has been 29 per cent, against a national growth of 20 per cent for the 1984-92 period.