From the Advertiser archives - October 19, 2017 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago - and an Elborow School reunion next month

October 20, 1917

Christmas parcels for prisoners in Germany will be despatched during the first week in November. They will include a rich Christmas pudding, roast beef, potatoes, sausages, cheese and 50 cigarettes. If relatives or ‘adopters’ pay for this (8s) their name will be put on the parcels, but only one can be sent to each man. A larger parcel costing 15s will contain extras in the shape of turkey, bacon, butter, spaghetti, chocolate, tongue and dried ginger.

October 20, 1967

After 38 years Tom Ward and his dance band are going separate ways. The news brings to a sad close an era of vintage music. Tom, of Murray Road, said: “I have been in hospital for an operation on my foot and the doctor has advised me to rest it. I wouldn’t enjoy sitting down playing so I’m finishing my band work. Besides, it’s a good time to finish - at the top!”

A saxophonist, he formed the band in 1929 while still at Lawrence Sheriff School. It was known as Melody Five - but there were seven of them!”

October 15, 1992

Rector Michael Langrish spoke this week of his joy and sadness at moving from Rugby to become the Bishop of Birkenhead. It was announced on Monday that Rugby’s rector will leave town for Merseyside - and now the search is on for his replacement to head Rugby’s team ministry. He said: “You initially get sounded out and it’s up to you if you explore the possibilities. Eventually the offer has to be made from the Crown and the letter comes from 10 Downing Street.”


If you know anyone who went to Elborow School - which closed in July 1960 - please remind them about next month’s Elborow Reunion and 310th Anniversary Dinner.

The gathering will be held at the Hillmorton Manor Hotel, on Friday, November 10, at 12.30pm, with plenty of time to reminisce.

Any Old Boy of the school is welcome to attend, please just let organiser Howard Trillo know you are interested by October 30, as the hotel require numbers and meal orders in advance.

Howard attended the school from 1955-59 and has already published two books about its history with a third in the pipeline.

Please call him on (01926) 313167 or send an e-mail to