From the Advertiser archives - October 25 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

October 26, 1912

Rugby was greatly honoured on Thursday by the visit of Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein.

Her Highness came to open the grand bazaar in aid of the Extension Fund of the Hospital of St Cross, for which the three Co-operative Halls had been secured.

An event of such importance naturally aroused widespread interest, and it was not surprising that a large number of influential residents of the town and district assembled in the Large Hall, where the opening ceremony took place, to manifest their pleasure to have Princess Victoria in their midst.

For this gracious visit thanks are due to Mr and Mrs Arthur James, of Coton House, who have proved themselves on so many occasions as warm friends of the Hospital.

They were instrumental in 1907 in getting her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Battenberg to open the new children’s wing and their renewed kindness in connection with this week’s auspicious ceremony places the Board of Management under further obligation to them.

50 years ago

October 26, 1962

A promise made by Rugby Round Table 12 months ago was fulfilled on Monday when, through the League of Friends of Rugby Hospitals, they presented a bedside telephone trolley to St Mary’s Maternity Hospital at Harborough Magna for the use of the patients.

Last October the Tablers presented a similar trolley with telephone equipment to the Hospital of St Cross and at that time, the then chairman Mr DS Masters, said the same would be provided for the maternity hospital as soon as technical problems in connection with the wiring had been overcome.

On behalf of the Round Table Mr J Bernhard (chairman) handed over the trolley to Mrs JL Banting (chairman of the Friends).

She said it gave her much pleasure to accept the gift because having recently been a patient of St Cross she had used the trolley provided there and had found it a boon and a pleasure.

Following the ceremony, a patient, Mrs J Lennard of Hillmorton had the trolley brought to her bedside and made a telephone call.

25 years ago

October 22, 1987

Labour councillors have been asked to think again about their choice for next year’s Mayor.

Benn Ward councillor James Shera believed he was set to become Rugby’s first Asian Mayor in May. But the controlling Tories are objecting because he has been a councillor for only five years.

They have asked the Labour group to reconsider and instead nominate someone with ten or more years’ experience.

The Conservatives plan to nominate one of their own number - Binley Woods councillor Evelyn Humphries - to become Deputy Mayor in May and, in the normal course of events, go on to be Mayor in 1988/89. But the immediate vacancy created when illness forced Labour’s Andy Cannon to resign, remains a problem.

Tory group leader Lionel Franklyn said that in many local authorities, the controlling group nominated its own people each time.

“We are not saying it must be a Conservative. If Labour nominate someone with ten or more years’ service we are prepared to give it serious and favourable consideration.”