From the Advertiser archives - October 29 edition

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October 30, 1915

We understand there is every probability, unless the markets quickly alter, of a further advance in the price of bread. At present quotations for flour, another rise in the price of a quartern loaf is regarded as inevitable. Flour has recently gone up in price 4s per sack. This automatically increases the price of bread by 1/2d. The bakers’ case is that they have no option in the matter, the millers being masters in the situation.

October 29, 1965

An appeal launched by the Minister of Health Mr Kenneth Robinson to ‘Help your doctor to help you’ is of particular importance in Rugby. A local general practitioner told a reporter: “Rugby will suffer the loss of three doctors in the near future. Therefore it is very necessary for patients to do their utmost to relieve the pressures on doctors.” Patients must try to ring the doctor between nine and ten in the morning if they want him to call and we ask not to ring before seven unless in an emergency.”

October 25, 1990

A dangerous wild animal is on the loose in Brownsover. RSPCA officials have warned locals not to approach the cute, cuddly-looking raccoon as it is fierce, meat eating and could savage a child. The powerfully-jawed creature is the second raccoon to go missing in Brownsover in a week. The first was hunted and trapped by Lindale residents after it tore its way into a rabbit hutch and savaged the pet of a 13-year-old girl.