From the Advertiser archives - October 30 edition

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October 31, 1914

The usual monthly meeting of the Rugby Chamber of Trade was held at the Court Room, Town Hall on Monday. The chairman Mr T Johnson stated that a number of collecting boxes and cards had been received from the Smokes, Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Society and distributed among the tobacconists in the town. The idea was that anyone buying a packet of cigarettes would deposit a cigarette in the collecting box for use of the wounded soldiers and sailors in hospitals. It is hoped that the public will respond generously.

October 30, 1964

A Rugby beat group have been offered ‘purple hearts’ - a stimulating drug. Their manager told an Advertiser reporter: “I told the pusher to get the hell out of it.” He added: “I don’t want my lads to get mixed up in that sort of thing.” The incident happened in Coventry. Supt CR Jones, Rugby’s newly appointed police chief, said he gave Rugby a clean bill of health, as far as pill pushing was concerned. But while there are no major problems, there are indications of a small purple heart ring - about a dozen or so people - in the town.

October 26, 1989

Rugby churches are warning youngsters to beware the horror cult of Hallowe’en. Clergymen are concerned that seemingly innocent celebrations could lure children into practice of devil worship and black magic. Now they are fighting back to try and stop the growing interest in witchcraft and the occult. At St Mark’s Church, Bilton, parishioners will be spending Tuesday night marching round the churchyard with torches and lanterns, dressed in bright colours to dispel the dark side of Hallowe’en.