From the Advertiser archives - October 4 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

October 5, 1912

Rugby Open Question Society: The annual meeting of the Rugby Open Question Society was held at the Queen Street Hall on Friday evening. The secretary (Mr MM Hall) read the annual report:

“Our Society has in every way been an unqualified success; formed a little over twelve months ago with the object of holding bi-weekly meetings during the winter months, it has developed during that period to the extent that it is now one of the largest - if not the largest - society in the Rugby district. The membership last session, of 128, and an average attendance of 50, describes briefly the interest.

During the session, twelve ordinary meetings and a whist drive and dance were held. These consisted of six discussions, four debates and two lectures, the subjects being as diverse as possible, to enable all members at some time or other to speak on their own pet theories. Our special thanks to the lady member who came forward with a very fine paper on Sir Walter Scott.

50 years ago

October 5,1962

A supermarket which is unique in the Midlands and which promises to become the biggest of its kind in the British Isles opens to the public in Rugby tomorrow.

It is the Rugby Garden Centre in Bilton Road, where both the amateur and professional gardener may go and select plants on the self-service system.

The centre is the brain-child of Mr Jeffrey Bernhard, 39-years-old landscape gardener, who in eight years has turned a ten-acre area of neglected grazing land into a horticultural masterpiece, where almost every plant known to gardeners can be obtained.

Many leading citizens of Rugby and the district, including the Mayor and Mayoress (Coun and Mrs JL Skelhorn) attended a preview of the centre on Saturday.

Mr Bernhard came to Rugby in 1948 to start in a very small way as a landscape gardener. He began as a bulb grower in Devon, later taking up nursery work in Cheshire. He also took a course in horticulture at Manchester University.

25 years ago

October 1,1987

Rugby’s new rector, the Rev Michael Langrish, is preparing to face the challenge of caring for a ‘unique’ town.

As he prepares to make Rugby his home for the second time in his career, Mr Langrish has promised to make his mark.

Born in Southampton and trained as a teacher, Mr Langrish first came to Rugby as chaplain to the pupils and staff at Rugby School.

“I have always said, never go back to a place, especially one where you have been happy,” he said. “But this position is so different to my last and Rugby is such an enticing place and I couldn’t resist.”

As Rector of Rugby Mr Langrish will be based in the town centre’s St Andrew’s Parish Church. As well as the usual round of services and committee meetings, he hopes to spend some of his time ridding church functions of their ‘stuffy image’.

Mr Langrish will be moving with his wife Esther and three children Richard, Emma and Kathryn.