From the Advertiser archives - October 9 edition

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October 10, 1914

Large numbers of people from Rugby and elsewhere have during the weekend streamed into Clifton to see the refugees, and, as a rule, to show their sympathy with them - but many have gone merely to satisfy their curiosity.

The committee do not wish to prevent people manifesting their solicitude with the unfortunate Belgians, but they have arranged that visitors must obtain the permission of the committee to visit them and we feel sure the public will pay the greatest respect to this desire on the part of Mrs TS Townsend and her colleagues.

October 9, 1964

Often directing his remarks towards a large number of Rugby School boys in a crowd of several hundred, the Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home, speaking in Rugby yesterday, said the younger generation has a better chance of living in peace than ever before. This is because the USA and USSR and Great Britain had power so great that any aggressor would not start a major war. The Conservatives’ great purpose had been to achieve a situation of full employment. The greatest foundation for happiness of every home was work for every member of the family at a good wage.

October 5, 1989

House burglaries in Rugby have risen by a massive 41 per cent. And in the first eight months of the year the borough’s overall crime rate rose by just over three per cent. This is lower than the Warwickshire average of nearly six per cent. But house burglaries, violent crime and criminal damage are all up. Violent crimes in Rugby have increased by 24.4 per cent - 30 so far this year. And there have been 80 burglaries this year. Decreases were recorded in the theft of motor vehicles, down by 13.4 per cent.