From the Advertiser archives - September 10 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

September 11, 1915

The librarian’s statistical report at the Public Library Committee at the Wood Institute on Monday showed in July and August 222 persons - 86 males and 136 females - had taken out borrowers’ tickets and 17 had been issued to school children. In July 5,327 books were issued and 4,493 in August. The total amounts received for fines were £6 1s 3d. The visitors to the museum during July were 176 males and 112 females. It was closed in August and had been thoroughly cleaned.

September 10, 1965

Farmers with land adjoining the Rugby-Coventry railway line at Long Lawford have discovered that rabbits in burrows in the railway banks have contracted myxomatosis - the first recurrence of the disease for about 10 years. Mr HA Beers of Coventry Road, Long Lawford said: “The disease has been here about six weeks now. It appears to have affected the young ones the most; the older ones seem to be immune to it. I am glad, in a way, the disease has recurred - it keeps the rabbit hunters off my land.”

September 6, 1990

It was everybody’s first day at Brownsover Community First School yesterday. Tearful children quickly dried their eyes when they heard: “This is teacher’s new school too.” An air of excitement charged the corridors as the £2million complex made the transformation from building site to community school. “The workmen left at 8.30 this morning - it’s been hectic,” said headteacher Anthea Main, who like many of the children had been wondering what her first day would be like.