From the Advertiser archives - September 12, 2019 edition


In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

September 12 , 1919

Curious case from Brinklow: William Woodward, chimney sweep was summoned for stealing cabbages to the value of 3d, the property of Cyrus Johnson, market gardener and pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor said he was seen stealing some cabbages, but when asked to turn out his bag he said he had only taken a few leaves. A witness informed the police who found that one cabbage had been freshly cut and the stem was surrounded by footprints. Mr Johnson did not see the cabbage in the bag and when visiting Mr Woodwood’s house, in company with PS Sharp the bag contained some loose leaves and sow thistles. These were valued at 1d because they were used for pig food.

September 12, 1969

Money, money, money, this was the call in Rugby last Saturday as a 14-float Rag procession wound its colourful way through the town. And the call was answered. Answered over and over again with a storm of silver and copper as people chipped into help the cause. Pennies, 17,623 of them came in from all angles - sometimes dangerous ones. But it was well worth it as the total amount raised totted up to £128 19s 4d - which one of the organisers said was ‘flippin marvellous.

September 8, 1994

Plans for a new Rugby library have been thrown into confusion by town centre developers. Money could be wasted and readers’ needs ignored if developers’ plans are implemented instead of the county council’s, it is claimed. But the grander sketches of shopping centre developer Henry Boot are the way ahead, say others. The county council’s £3.7m plans are for a library architecturally in keeping with the nearly Percival Guildhouse. Sketches drawn up by Henry Boot show designs in keeping with their own town centre shopping scheme, and have been costed at more than £5m.