From the Advertiser archives - September 19, 2019 edition


In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

September 19 , 1919

The harvest festival of the Salvation Army was observed in Rugby in a rather unique manner last weekend. It commenced with a procession through the principal streets, headed by the band. Following was a decorated lorry on which Britannia, represented by Mrs Carter and her maids of honour were depicted. John Bull was represented by Mr Charles Lines, whose sudden death the following Tuesday is chronicled elsewhere. Then followed representations of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the Allied countries, the Colonies, and a harvest group comprising the farmer, sower, reaper, biker, miller, glenners, etc.

August 22, 1969

Rugby school pupils over the age of 16 will soon be enjoying a pint of beer in their common room, thanks to a decision by Rugby licensing justices. And giving his blessing to the idea , chairman of the bench Ald WA Robotham commented: I think we can say Tom Brown would have approved this application.” (In Town Brown’s Schooldays by Thomas Arnold the practice of drinking amongst Rugby schoolboys is described as regular practice.)

An application for the licence for the School’s junior commonroom club was made by the headmaster Mr JS Woodhouse.

Mr Peter Liddington told the justices that it was based on the view it is reasonable for senior boys at schools such as Rugby to be able to have a glass of beer once or twice a week.

September 15, 1994

Fifty years of music making will be marked at the beginning of next month with a celebrity concert. The event, on Saturday October 1, celebrates the golden jubilee of Rugby Male Voice Choir. Special guests at the Temple Speech Room will be the international known NatWest Jazz Band and compere will be Polly James, star of the TV programme The Liver Birds. The whole event is in aid of Cancer Research. The choir currently boasts 40-50 members and will sing items from its vast repertoire spanning the years since its formation.