From the Advertiser archives - September 24 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

September 25, 1915

Monsieur Poincare, President of the French republic has sent a letter thanking the town for their efforts on behalf of the French Day in Rugby.

The chairman said he had written to the president pointing out that Rugby had raised about £100 in small sums that was an expression of sympathy from the whole population of all classes. He had received a nice letter in return, which he wondered could be framed and put up in the Council Chamber.

September 24, 1965

Miss Lucy Eleanor Shaw, matron of the Hospital of St Cross during the days of its great expansion between the wars, died at Leith on Wednesday after a heart attack. Her popularity with patients, staff and governors was evident at the presentations on her retirement in 1944. A ward at St Cross was named after her. Miss Shaw moved to Rugby as matron in 1925 after serving in the Army Nursing Service in the first world war and being assistant matron at Bradford.

September 20, 1990

Poll tax protesters have said they will defend themselves if bailiffs use force to enter homes of non-payers.

The protesters claim about 100 of them will be patrolling the town to protect non-payers. A private firm of bailiffs has been employed by the borough council and is expected to begin making calls this week.

Rugby people will be asked to pay a poll tax of £407 next year, claims the county council Labour group - an increase of £61 on this year.