From the Advertiser archives - September 25 edition

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September 26, 1914

Sir, As your readers doubtless are aware, an ernest appeal has been made for the immediate provision of a supply of blankets for the use of our troops. Many who have one or two that they can readily spare may not know where to send them. I am directed by the Chairman of the Relief Committee to say that a depot has been made at these buildings for any that may be sent, and I will see that theyare dispatched to their proper destination. If any would like them collected, I will on receipt of a postcard send for them. Arthur Morson, Hon Secretary, Benn Buildings, High Street, Rugby.

September 25, 1964

Sir Alec Douglas-Home will be visiting Rugby on a ‘whistle stop’ tour to support Conservative candidate Mr Roy Wise in his election campaign. He will address an open air meeting from a lorry in Church Street for about ten minutes, before going on to other engagements in the Midlands. The date of his visit has not been announced but the Advertiser understands that Sir Alec will arrive by train. A Japanese television team will be in Rugby over the weekend, filming parts of Mr Wise’s election campaign.

September 21, 1989

The Home Secretary has backed plans to bring spy cameras to town centre streets in Rugby. In an exclusive interview with the Advertiser, Douglas Hurd said the closed circuit TV cameras could help reduce crime. “But in a variety of ways, they can do nothing but good,” he said at Warwickshire Police headquarters, Leek Wootton. Mr Hurd wished the Rugby scheme every success and said it would be one of only three of its type in the Midlands. It has been suggested by Rugby Chamber of Commerce.