From the Advertiser archives - September 26 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

September 27, 1913

Moulders’ strike: A non-unionist from Chesterfield arrived at the station. Station pickets refused to allow him to enter a cab and he was afforded an escort of 17 policemen. At the entrance to the Victoria Works the mob turned round on the man. A scuffle between police and strikers last a quarter of an hour, but no blows were struck, although in the affray one of the constables lost his helmet which has not been recovered. Two sergeants and 30 additional constables have since been drafted into the town.

September 27, 1963

Advert: Have you visited the new super Sainsbury’s at 13-18 North Street yet? It’s nearly 100 years since the first Sainsbury’s was opened in Drury Lane by Mr and Mrs JJ Sainsbury. They made it a rule to provide the best quality food, as fresh as possible and at the lowest prices possible. You’ll find it still holds good today - when you visit the new super Sainsbury’s. Opening hours: Closed all day Sunday and Monday. Tuesday-Thursday 8.30am-5.30pm, Friday late night shopping until 6.30pm and Saturday until 4pm.

September 22, 1988

The final details of the new Sainsbury’s store were approved by the borough council last night. Work has already begun on the access road and roundabout to the site off Dunchurch Road but now developers will be able to press on with the main building. And it is hoped the project will be finished by Christmas 1989.
The plans included a detailed artist’s impression of the multi-million pound store as well as final layout of the site. Sainsbury’s first announced plans to move out of town last year.