From the Advertiser archives - September 4 edition

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September 5, 1914

The feeling of many of the most ardent supporters of the Rugby Football Club is admirably expressed in the following letter from the President, Dr Relton. “When we read of the thousands of brave fellows who have already given and are still giving their lives for their country, surely it is no time for strong, athletic young fellows left behind to be playing games, and think that in so doing they are helping their country, because in my opinion they are not.” It has been decided to cancel all fixtures including the match with Newbold arranged for today (Saturday).

September 4, 1964

The unearthing of a skeleton at Tripontium on the Watling Street at Shawell may prove, archaeologically, to be the find of the century. For thrust between the pelvic bones is an iron spearhead or knife blade which may lead experts to the belief that they have uncovered a ritual murder. The discovery was made by members of Rugby Archeological Society at work on the west side of the Watling Street. They had, vertebra, one rib cage, a complete arm, the pelvic bones and parts of the legs are in a wonderful state of preservation. The remains may be up to 2,000 years old.

August 31, 1989

The notorious girlfriend of Adolf Hitler spent the war years in Rugby. Hillmorton vicarage was the home for Unity Mitford throughout the war. A daughter of Lord Redesdale, she spent about five years in the village as guest of the vicar, Sewell Corby, and his wife Bettine. Villagers believed Unity to be a childhood friend or distant relative of the vicar’s wife. But whatever her reasons for coming here, she was not universally welcomed. She spent much of her time in the vicarage and was subject to war restrictions because of her involvement with the Nazi leader.