From the Advertiser archives - September 6, 2018 edition

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September 7, 1918

Letter to the editor: I refer to remarks made by residents of Clifton Road as to the conduct of night workers of Lodge Sparking Plug when leaving work at 6.30am. After being shut up 12 hours, surely a little harmless laughing can be indulged in, and, moreover 6.30am is not such an unearthly hour to be aroused if the people are on work of national importance. The ordinary bustle of everyday life is not stopped for our convenience when we are trying to get a well-earned rest. Yours Night Workers, Trying-To-Carry-On.

September 6, 1968

A trail of vandalism stretching across Rugby from the Woodlands estate, where children have pushed holes through ceilings of a new house, to a development site at Hillmorton where a caravan has been badly damaged, will cost developers several hundred pounds. In some cases builders are also complaining of large scale thefts from building sites in the region. Windows have been broken, door and window fittings wrenched off and large qualtities of timber thrown all over the place.

September 2, 1993

Two weeks before the start of the season, VS Rugby manager Rob Bradbury was faced with a full fixture list and no players! It was a far cry from the days of glory when super VS brought the FA Vase to Butlin Road - a decade ago in 1983. Everyone thought it would be an achievement just to get a team out for the first games this season - let along gain any points. And no one expected them to be winning 3-0 by the third match, which is what they did against Grantham Town on Saturday.