From the archives: April 11 edition

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April 12, 1913

Considerable excitement was caused in Abbey Street by the news that a betting raid had been carried out by the police at a butcher’s shop. A number of men were on the premises, and were taken to the police station in cabs. Fredk Jas Burberry was charged with using his premises for betting purposes; and sixteen defendants were charged with being found there for the purpose of making bets. Formal evidence or arrest was given, and all the defendants were remanded to Tuesday’s sessions, bail being allowed.

April 12, 1963

A large congregation in St John the Baptist church, Hillmorton, heard the Rev F Sewell Corby, vicar for the last 35 years, preach his final sermon. In his address, Mr Corby stressed the need for greater unity and hoped that the future generations would rally together and make the world a better place. Appealing to the parishioners to help others, he hoped the congregation would regularly be as large as that which had gathered there to say farewell to him. Mr Corby is 80 years of age.

April 7, 1988

GEC is prepared to ride out the worsening political storm in South Africa and will not be joining the exodus by other multi-national companies. National press reports that the company could pull out were denied by a GEC spokesman yesterday. British Steel closed its Johannesburg office last week and Metal Box sold its operation. The decisions follow three landslide by-election defeats for the South African government which indicates the country could one day be run by an even more racist party.