From the archives December 1 edition.

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From our archives, looking back 25, 50 and 101 years ago.

25 years ago

December 4 1986

TOP darts player Jocky Wilson was told not to bother coming back to Rugby after he upset a number of people at an exhibition match in town.

He came to take on the town’s best players but Rugby’s darts fans complained that as soon as he picked up a microphone he was “effing and blinding” in front of an audience that included women and children.

Mr Wilson had spent seven hours on the motorway to get to Rugby and was paid £350 plus expenses by the organisers of the event.

The exhibition evening was organised by Mick Cope of the Monday Night Darts League. He said he would be very happy to have Jocky back. He said: “I know his language wasn’t exactly perfect but he’d had a seven-hour drive and maybe he was tired.”

During the match Wilson took on 16 men and four women darts players and beat all of them. He hit nine maximum 180s and 31 140s during the evening. The secretary of the league said Wilson had also been polite to her, but that some were upset.

50 years ago

December 4 1961

IN THREE break-ins in Rugby over the weekend intruders stole money and jewellery of the total value of about £577. Yesterday morning Mr Derek Thompson, manager of George Mason Ltd, Market Place, found that £360 in notes and coins had gone from a safe in his office at the rear of the shop. About £80 was left behind in bags of silver and copper. It is thought that the premises was entered via a yard in Little Church Street and that a duplicate key was used to open the safe. Everything was in order in the store when the manager visited it on Sunday morning.

Thieves also broke into the house of Mr and Mrs Bosworth in Rugby Road, Cawston. Jewellery worth an estimated £217 was taken. Among the stolen goods were gold hunter watches, rings and bracelets. A pane of glass in a downstairs window was smashed while the occupants of the house were out. The house of Mr and Mrs Peck, 241 Hillmorton Road, was entered on Saturday and a transistor radio set stolen. It was worth about £8.

101 years ago

December 4 1910

A WOMAN lost both her legs and died after falling from a train in Kilsby tunnel.

Miss Calliope Vlasto, 32, from Liverpool died after the express passed through Rugby. Inspector Farmer and porter George observed a carriage door was open. The train was brought to a standstill at Newbold. After a passenger was reported missing the traffic from London was diverted around Rugby and a search party was launched. Meanwhile the 6.50pm train from Euston had stopped at Hillmorton and a piece of dress material had been found on the guard of the train. Continuing their search, the party entered the tunnel at Kilsby, when at about 650 yards from the far end they found the missing lady in a semi conscious state. Both her legs were cut off, one above and the other below her knees. The unfortunate lady was conveyed to a waiting room at Rugby Station where Dr Vulliamy was in attendance. She arrived there about 9.15pm – but by then it was evident the case was hopeless. Miss Vlasto expired soon afterwards.