From the Archives December 29 edition

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From the Rugby Advertiser Archives, looking back 101, 50 and 25 years.

101 years ago

December 22 1910

ANNIE Rutherford, Married woman, Abbey Street, Rugby, was summoned by Emily Rowley, also of Abbey Street for using indecent language.

Complainant said that on July 23 at the Corn Exchange at the Cattle Market, Rugby, she met the defendant at 1 o’clock in the morning. Defendant said: “You needn’t go on, there’s a policeman waiting for you.”

She replied: “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” whereupon the defendant added: “You are a dirty, bad character,” and made a charge against her in reference to her own husband. She also said, in the presence of a man, that she was a prostitute.Thomas Milner, an insurance agent, said he saw the parties in question at the Cattle Market, and heard the defendant using “very indecent language”. He added: “She called her a dirty, bad woman and said that she had been carrying on with her husband.” The defendant admitted she was rather excited but denied using indecent language. The Magistrates said there was little evidence and dismissed the case.

50 years ago

December 29 1961

John Smith, a labourer of Overslade Hostel, Rugby, was summoned for driving a motor scooter carelessly at The Kent, Hillmorton in September. He pleaded not guilty.

Chief Inspector Woodward said Thompson came from the direction of Rugby and passing a stationary car on his near side he swung out violently on his off side and struck a car being driven towards Rugby by Mr Auther James Burrows, of York Street, Rugby.

The force of the impact burst a front tyre on Mr Burrow’s car. Smith was rather seriously injured. Evidence was given by Mr Burrows and PC Hobbins.

Smith, in the witness box, said he had had a new wind shield on the scooter. At the top of the hill there was country all the way around and that the only explanation he could offer was that a strong gust of wind caught the shield and forced him to swerve into his offside as he passed the car.

The case was dismissed under special circumstances, which the chairman gave in writing after the case.

25 years ago

December 18 1986

TWO police officers marched a Rugby Borough Councillor out of the town hall after he refused to leave on the chairman’s orders.

A dispute between Tory chairman Lionel Franklyn and Labour’s Peter Mooney halted the borough’s meeting for more than 50 minutes.

And when, after lengthy discussions by both political parties, the councillor still refused to go, a resolution was passed for police to remove him. Coun Mooney (Lab, Benn) was ruled out of order when he tried to bring up the controversial ‘road through the rec’ issue after its finance had been decided earlier in the meeting. He was silenced by Coun Franklyn (Con, Bilton).

After the meeting Coun Mooney stuck to his belief that the council had no right to involve the police.

He said: “Obviously we’re going to take the matter further and see whether the chairman was within his rights to do what he did. The party was going to walk out but told them that wouldn’t achieve anything,”