From the archives: February 21 edition

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February 22, 1913

The Baths Committee reported that the numbers attending the Baths the four weeks in January were as follows: Ladies 22; Gentlemen 613. They recommended that the price for season tickets at present charged for boys and girls under the age of 14 years be reduced to 7s 6d and 5s respectively. Mr Walker said the new slipper baths were now complete. They had been used for a day or two, and were going on satisfactorily. They had not yet had quite so strong a test put upon as they would have in a few days.

February 22, 1963

An archaeologist spoke to Rugby Archaeological Society on Monday on the finds of a bye-gone age which have been unearthed at the former Roman staging post of Tripontium on the Watling Street near Caves Inn Farm, Shawell. Among the finds unearthed are parts of four human skeletons, probably between 1,800 and 2,000 years old, thousands of pieces of pottery, and bronze coins found by employees of the Shawell Sand and Gravel Company whose excavations have uncovered many of the finds.

February 18, 1988

A pet cat was seriously injured after being caught in ‘gin trap’ in a residential area of Rugby. Owner Mrs Christine Marchant went looking for her cat when it had not returned late last Wednesday night. After hearing cries, Mrs Marchant traced her cat, “Mr Puff”, to a neighbour’s hedge and tried to pick him up. “But I couldn’t lift him and he cried in pain when I tried to do so. I called my husband and he put his hand under the hedge and found a steel trap,” she said. Vets were able to save Mr Puff’s leg.