From the archives January 26 edition

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From the Rugby Advertiser’s archives, looking back 25, 50 and 100 years.

100 years ago

January 22 1912

WALTER Henry Brown, fireman, Hillmorton, was charged with being drunk and disorderly, at Rugby on January 15.

PC Farrar said at 6.45pm he saw defendant “mad drunk” and disorderly. He had no clothes on beyond his shirt and boots and with the assistance of PC Lester, the witness took him to the police station.

Defendant was told by the chairman he seemed to have behaved very badly and would have to pay a fine of 10s and costs 6s, or in default 14 days’ hard labour.

ALFRED Henson, Wordsworth Road, Rugby, was summoned for being drunk at Rugby on January 13. Defendant pleaded guilty. PV Lowe found defendant drunk and disturbing the Salvation Army in Church Street. Defendant said he had a lot of drink, but that the Salvation Army officer would prove that he was not causing much of a disturbance.

The officer was not called to the witness stand. He expressed regret and the chairman fined him 2s 6d.

50 years ago

January 22 1962

A NEW ward and maternity unit will be built at St Cross hospital in the next ten years, it has been announced.

The plan, announced in a White Paper presented to Parliament this week, sees plans for nine new hospitals and ten more to be re-built in the West Midlands region. Work on a new ward block is expected to start within the next three months and will be completed in 1965-66. The maternity unit will be completed in 1970-71. Welcoming the development Mr A E Aldous, secretary to the hospital, who said: “Our current waiting list is 800 people and is the largest in the hospital’s history. It’s pleasing that the Government sees it fit to expand the services we have in Rugby.

“Additional beds combined with the new twin operating theatres we are expecting will certainly mean we shall be able to give a better and speedier service to Rugby and the hospital catchment area. Meanwhile we shall continue to do our best dealing with the cases which the doctors deem more urgent first.”

25 years ago

January 22 1986

“I was a silly girl,” a 76-year-old woman said after setting fire to her house and burning everything she owned.

Violet Colin, a widow who lived alone, was trying to thaw out a frozen pipe with a candle when she started a blaze that gutted her Brownsover home and killed her pet cat and budgie and torched her belongings. She fled from the house wearing only her night dress.

Staying with her daughter Irene in Bath Street, she said: “I stumbled around thinking I could save my budgie, cat and dog but my neighbour, Mr Fox, told me to get out, quick.”

Mrs Currie, 42, said her mother was lucky to be alive.

“The trouble is she’s stubborn. She won’t pick up the phone, not even if she’s got frozen pipes. We are trying to get through to old people not to play with fire and dont play with candles. Learn from my mother’s mistake and don’t do it, call a neighbour or friend for help instead.”

Mrs Collin’s dog Penny followed her to safety but her bird and cat Fluff both perished.