From the archives, July 28

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From the Advertiser archives.

July 28 1961

£1,200 offered for £200 car

TWO years ago a Rugby man began working on a 1936 Riley motor-car he bought for £200 in his garage at the bottom of the garden.

He has just turned down £1,200 after spending every spare moment he had perfecting it. The result can be described as nothing less than superb and any veteran car lover will look at it with nothing but admiration.

The owner, Mr Gordon Middleton, of 33 Plexfield Road, a tool and a machine maker, won first prize with the car at Oulton in the Concours d’Elegance. The following day, at Stanford Hall,, he was second in a similar competition. The car, which weighs 19 cwt, has a 1.5 litre engine, has a cross flow head system, twin cam shafts and hemospherical combustion chambers. The engine has been made ‘potent’ because two valves are set at 90 degrees so that there can be four ports a unit. Mr Middleton believes the car was, at one point, raced by the Countess May.

July 22 1911

A BLACK lister’s record: William Bench, Labourer, Rugby, made his 39th appearance on a charge of drunkenness, and pleaded guilty. He has, for years, been on the ‘black list’ but such little difficulty does he experience in getting drink that this was his forth experience in the last 12 months. PC Carrington said he found defendant lying helplessly drunk across the footpath in Bath Street at 11.30 on a Sunday night.

Defendant asked to be placed on probation again, he told magistrates it was no good sending him to prison. Superintendant Clarke had shown him every leniency in the matter of payment of fines and now he asked for the full penalty.

Defendant was remanded with a view to sending him to an inebriates’ home. The defendant said: “Send me out of the country, that would be the best thing.”

July 24 1986

Rugby’s thoughts on Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding: “I haven’t seen it and I’m not interested,” said 22-year-old Shay Patel, of Railway Terrace. “It doesn’t really change my life.”

Completely unbothered by all the royal splendour and pagentry, Andrew Davidson, 19, said: “I wasn’t very interested in it al all.”

The breath-taking dress that thrilled the fans with a 20 foot scalloped edged train, heavily beaded bonced with scooped neck and embroidered veil – made no impression on Mr Davidson, of Firs Drive.

“I didn’t even notice the dress. I preferred the horses.”

Richard Tailby, 22, said: “I like the royal family but I don’t like Sarah Ferguson at all. The girls in the shop watched it on television but I wasn’t interested. Sarah did look quite nice, the best I have seen her,” he admitted.

Kilsby man Graham Read, 29, said: “I love the royals and all the pageantry and that dress did a lot for Sarah’s figure.”